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The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) was established to facilitate career development of MGH faculty and trainees. This umbrella organization addresses all aspects of faculty development, as well as specializing on the clinical faculty through the Office for Clinical Careers (OCC), the research community through the Office for Research Career Development (ORCD), Graduate Student Division (GSD) and Post Doctoral Division (PDD) and the women faculty through the Office for Women's Careers (OWC).


The CFD, Center for Faculty Development, facilitates the career advancement and job satisfaction of faculty, research fellows and graduate students at the MGH. Areas of emphasis for the Center are to:

  • Develop and implement programs for faculty and trainees at all stages in their careers — from early careers to senior leadership — that promote academic and professional development.
  • Provide information, education and resources to enhance faculty effectiveness.
  • Provide support and education regarding the academic promotion process.
  • Provide individual counseling, advice and support.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is called the MGH Faculty Council and is comprised of faculty members and MGH/HMS leaders that meet twice a year to provide the CFD with guidance.
Members Include:

Michael Blute, MD
David Brown, MD
Dennis Brown, PhD
Thilo Deckersbach, PhD
Marie Demay, MD
Maurizio Fava, MD
G. Scott Gazelle, MD, PhD
Steven Greenberg, MD, PhD
Nancy Harris, MD

Richard Hodin, MD
Lewis Holmes, MD
Anne Klibanski, MD
Donna Lawton, MS
Lisa Leffert, MD
Joan Miller, MD
Elena Olson, JD
Harry Orf, PhD
Nancy Rigotti, MD

Joan Sapir, EdM, MBA
Isaac Schiff, MD
Ann Skoczenski, PhD
Susan A. Slaugenhaupt, PhD
Peter Slavin, MD
Thomas Spitzer, MD
Theodore Stern, MD
Debra Weinstein, MD



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