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The Boston Club - Connecting Women Leaders
Founded in 1976, The Boston Club is the area's largest organization for high-achieving senior executive and professional women.

The Center for Gender in Organizations

Focusing at the intersection of scholarship and practice, CGO does work in four principal ways:
   - Conduct research
   - Engage in consultations and action learning
   - Convene public events, seminars, and workshops
   - Synthesize and disseminate gender information
Rather than view gender as a problem that individual women face at work, we analyze how gender is embedded in an organization's work practices and culture. Analyzing an organization through a gender lens creates opportunities to identify systems, practices, and norms that make it difficult for different groups of women (and often men) to be optimally effective. Our work with many organizations shows that performance is enhanced by gender equitable workplaces that enable both women and men to be productive contributors. This systemic linking of equity and effectiveness is what we call the dual agenda.

The Center for Women's Entrepreneural Leadership at Babson College is rooted in thought leadership and dedicated to the advancement of enterprising women around the world. Women's career paths are rarely direct; to be successful they must behave entrepreneurially. As the world leader in entrepreneurship, Babson College is uniquely positioned through our research, teaching, and outreach to provide expert guidance to these women and the organizations in which they work.

The Institute for Women in Leadership's (IWL) mission is to help shape both business education and business practice to best enable women to achieve leadership positions.

The IWL also seeks to take on a principal role in training and supporting a new generation of effective, diverse, socially responsible, and ethical women business leaders.

To achieve these goals, it relies on the collaborative intellect and experience of faculty members, business executives and professionals to support its two main areas of activity: directing research projects that address issues relevant to enhancing women's leadership; and developing practical and effective educational tools to help women in business and the professions realize their leadership potential.

Joint Committee on the Status of Women (JCSW)

The Joint Committee on the Status of Women was formed to facilitate the development and contribution of women on Harvard campuses by expanding and improving the opportunities for the advancement of women. The members of the committee are Staff and Faculty from the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and affiliated hospitals.

Massachusetts Medical Society's Committee on Women in Medicine

The Committee has provided a valuable forum for educating fellow professionals about topics of concern to women in medicine. The Committee stimulates participation among women in MMS through education, advocacy, outreach, and governance. It also addresses issues of public health and patient care.,-Task-Forces-and-Sections/Committee-on-Women-in-Medicine/

Simmons School of Management Executive Education

Simmons School of Management is the only business school in the world designed for women, with an expertise in leadership and gender dynamics. Our dynamic team of nationally recognized business faculty works closely with organizations to understand their challenges and issues.

  • Our understanding of organizational issues enables us to tailor our programs to meet the needs of the business community.
  • We utilize leading-edge curriculum infused with innovative research conducted by Simmons Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO).
  • We foster an interactive classroom environment that promotes the honest and safe exchange of ideas.

Simmons Executive Education
409 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617.521.3835
Fax: 617.521.3880

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