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In addition to the funding opportunities for postdocs listed here, there are general research funding opportunities listed under Faculty Research Funding. Click here to view.


American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowships
The American Cancer Society is the largest source of private, not-for-profit cancer research funds in the US, second only to the federal government in total dollars spent. This award is to support the training of researchers who have just received their doctorate to enable them to qualify for an independent career in cancer research (including basic, preclinical, clinical, psychosocial, behavioral, and epidemiologic research).


Cancer Research Institute
For more than five-and-a-half decades, The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) has been a leading and sustaining force in immunology and cancer immunology research worldwide. Through the advancement of these two scientific fields, CRI is learning how to manipulate the human immune system to target and attack cancer. Their goal is to discover and develop new, immune-based approaches to the treatment, control, and prevention of cancer.

Irvington Institute Fellowship Program of the Cancer Research Institute
The Irvington Institute Fellowship Program of the Cancer Research Institute (formerly called the Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Program), established in 1971, is a long-standing continuous program to support and train young immunologists at top universities and research centers. It is a world leader in the funding of basic research in immunology-the study of the body's defense system against disease. Through Irvington's renowned Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, talented young investigators from the United States and around the world receive three years of funding to carry out research of their own design under the mentoring of senior scientists at leading universities and medical centers in the U.S.


Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Fellowship Award
The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation has been singularly focused on identifying and encouraging extraordinary young scientists to commit themselves to arresting cancer's devastating legacy. The Foundation is dedicated to identifying generations of truly innovative investigators in cancer research - scientists that approach questions from totally new directions, challenge existing dogma, and think "outside the box". Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Research Fellowships are granted for a three-year term with second- and third-year funding contingent upon satisfactory progress reports.

Following the merger of the Cancer Research Institute and the Irvington Institute for Immunological Research in 2007, CRI's postdoctoral fellowship program was renamed after the Irvington Institute to reflect the considerable value of Irvington's assets, all of which have been directed into the postdoctoral fellowship program. CRI's postdoctoral fellowship program was established in 1971 to answer the need for more researchers in the field of cancer immunology and supported qualified young scientists at leading universities and research centers around the world who wished to receive training in cancer immunology or general immunology.


Executive Committee on Research (ECOR)

ECOR has a major internal grants program, virtually a mini-foundation, that annually reviews nearly 700 applications from MGH investigators and fellows and awards approximately 120 internal grants. A major grants program launched six years ago provides interim/bridge support to faculty whose NIH or other federal funding is delayed or otherwise interrupted.

ECOR also awards the Martin Prize, the Howard Goodman Award, the Claflin Awards, and the Multi-Cultural Affairs Office Award, the Ryder Award, and the Tosteson and Fund for Medical Discovery post-doc fellowship awards.

In January 2011, ECOR launched the MGH Scholars Program, a major initiative to award research support to outstanding faculty in the MGH research community in support of innovative, cutting-edge research. The first five scholars were named on May 6; each Scholar each received $100,000 a year for 5 years. The 100 million dollars in philanthropic funds to support this initiative is part of the Hospital's Capital Campaign.


The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation
The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation supports early postdoctoral research training in all basic biomedical sciences. To attain its ultimate goal of increasing the number of imaginative, well-trained, and dedicated medical scientists, the Foundation grants financial support of a three-year duration to young men and women planning careers in biological or medical research. Under this program, 21 three-year research fellowships are awarded annually, resulting in a total of 63 outstanding fellowships.


HMS Foundation Funds Postdoctoral Fellowships at HMS
The HMS Foundation Funds Program administers the nomination process for HMS/HSDM faculty and postdocs for funding opportunities from private foundations that require candidates to be nominated by either Harvard Medical School or Harvard University. Each year, several foundations invite HMS/HSDM junior faculty members and postdocs to apply for their fellowships and grants, which serve as critical funding at the early stages of a research career. Interested investigators must first apply internally through the HMS Foundation Funds, and a committee will select the final candidates who will then submit applications to the foundations.


NIH Research Training Opportunities
The mission of the NIH is to protect and improve human health by uncovering new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. This mission can only be accomplished if the NIH also provides support for the training of the next generation of scientists. The mission of OER/Training Office is to maintain a cadre of well-trained investigators by offering a wide variety of intramural and extramural research training and career development programs.


Sponsored Programs Administration at HMS
The SPA is a research support organization that actively facilitates the pursuit of sponsored research at HMS and manages the pre-award process at the Medical School. The SPA can help post docs find funding opportunities, advise them on proposal preparation, and eventually aid in the set up of the newly awarded account. In addition to providing information about funding, the SPA offers training courses and extensive grant writing resources to HMS researchers.




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