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MGPA - Mass General Postdoc Association

The Mass General Postdoc Association (MGPA) was formed by a number of dynamic and passionate postdocs who came together to form an association that would help make life better right here in the MGH community. The process was greatly facilitated through the practical support of the Office for Research Career Development (ORCD). The association serves the workplace community for research and career related matters, and also provides a platform for interaction of all postdoctoral research fellows.

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The mission of the MGPA is to promote important aims relevant for all postdocs, belonging to the following areas:

Research advancement
  • Organization of a postdoc research seminar series
  • Invitation to faculty and fellows to participate in research presentations
  • Identification of valuable educational means
Career development
  • Organization of a postdoc career development seminar series
  • Information about existing job market databases
Communication and networking
  • Dissemination of postdoc-relevant information
  • Development of an MGH postdoc alumni network
  • Event offers for networking and mentoring between faculty and postdocs
Quality of life and postdoc advocacy
  • Liaison to MGH administration regarding general postdoc issues
  • Report to a postdoc advisory committee
  • Participation in local and national postdoc-related organizations, such as the Office for Research Career Development (ORCD) and the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA).

MGPA Executive Board

Current Leadership
Leonora Balaj, PhD, Co-Chair
Ferdinando Pucci, PhD, Co-Chair
Rohith Reddy, PhD, Vice-Chair
Margit Szabari, MD, former Co-Chair
Ann Skoczenski, PhD, Ex Officio and ORCD Advisor
    Biotech Subcommittee led by Elaina Chan
    Clinical Fellows subcommittee led by Rami Kantar
    Social event subcommittee led by Carla D’Avanzo
    Alternative careers subcommittee led by Ferdinando Pucci

Founding members
Pawel Mroz (Dermatology) – Membership at MGH Main Campus
Tiago F. Outeiro (Neurology) – Research
Hideo Sakamoto (Reproductive Biology) – Alumni Network
Keri Siggers (Medicine) – Career Development
Olga Syrkina (Medicine) – Quality of Life and Postdoc Advocacy
Emi Takahashi (Psychiatry) – Social Activities
Julie E. Tetzlaff (Neurology) – Membership at MGH Charlestown
   Navy Yard Campus
Sarika Verma (Dermatology) – Co-Chair; Membership, Coordination
Danqing Xiao (Neurology) – Social Activities
Elena Zalyapin (Medicine) – Co-Chair; Newsletter, Membership at
   Simches Building

MGPA Bi-Annual Travel Awards

These awards (up to $1,000 each) are designed to make it possible for MGH postdocs to participate in a scientific conference that they may otherwise not be able to attend, and to encourage active participation in the MGPA.

Eligibility criteria:
1. You must be an MGH Research Fellow (PhD or MD degree, or equivalent)
     at the time of the conference, with an active interest in helping the MGPA to      plan events for fellow postdocs.
2. The conference for which the award is being applied should be within 6      months after the award winner announcement date. The award will be given      only for travel to the specific conference chosen by the applicant and listed in      the submitted application materials, and may not be used for travel that      occurred prior to the award date.
3. Each applicant should have demonstrated active participation in the MGPA
     and its programs, including participation in monthly Planning Committee      meeting(s), sharing ideas about programs and initiatives, or assisting with a      program or event.
4. Each travel award recipient will be responsible for organizing an MGPA event
     of his/her choice (as described in the application) with the help of the MGPA      board, within six months of the award announcement and before travel
     reimbursement is given.

Fall 2014 Applications are now closed.




Email and let the MGPA know your thoughts regarding seminars that the MGPA and ORCD should offer.

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