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The Office for Research Career Development (ORCD) at MGH is a branch of the Center for Faculty Development (CFD) and was created to facilitate the career advancement of research faculty and trainees.


The ORCD, Office for Research Career Development, addresses the specific needs of the research faculty and trainees at MGH. Areas of emphasis for this office are to:
  • Develop programs to advance the career development pathways of research faculty in an academic medical center environment.
  • Strengthen the career guidance and mentoring offered to trainees.
  • Enhance communication within the research community.
  • Provide individual counseling, advice and support.


We would like to bring your attention to a change in NIH policy on the funding of salaries of postdoctoral trainees supported on NRSA awards (including T32s and F awards). A 2017 notice posted by the NIH now allows supplementation of stipends on NRSA awards for the equivalent of up to 10 hours per week. Allowable sources of funds for supplementation include federal funds. This may open up options for supplementing salaries of trainees supported on T32 and F32 grants. This has been an issue specifically for individuals in clinical fellowship programs who move onto T32 support for research years, but also applies to others supported on these awards. (See NIH Grants Policy Statement, Section and, for more details.)



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