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    - Biostatistics Center

      The Biostatistics Center offers MGH Investigators consultations and
      expertise on a range of relevant areas to researchers as they launch
      new translational and basic research projects. Consulting for basic
      science projects is sponsored by ECOR, and can be accessed by
      contacting Dr. Dianne Finkelstein, Director of Biostatistics.

    - Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology (CIMIT)

      CIMIT's mission is to foster collaboration among clinicians, technologists,
      and entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation and catalyze the discovery,
      development, and implementation of innovative healthcare technologies.

    - Division of Clinical Research

      The Division of Clinical Research provides support, education and
      consultation services to the vast clinical research community.

    - Executive Committee on Research (ECOR)

      ECOR has responsibility for providing strategic guidance to MGH leadership
      and MGH Trustees regarding future research growth and priorities within
      MGH, across Partners, and with affiliated external institutions.

    - Harvard Catalyst / The Harvard Clinical and Translational
      Science Center

      Harvard Catalyst serves the research community by offering courses and
      educational programs, research consulting, tools for study design and
      clinical trial collaboration, guidance on regulatory issues, and pilot
      funding for novel, high-impact projects all available to trainees,
      fellows, and faculty.

    - Harvard Catalyst Train

      Harvard Catalyst offers numerous online and in-person courses, as well as
      training programs ranging from short programs providing an overview of c/t
      research to multi-year, advanced programs for senior fellows and faculty.

    - Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO)

      The MGPO is dedicated to excellence and innovation in patient care,
      teaching, and research. The organization is committed to reducing the
      administrative burden for our physicians and promoting career development
      and individual well-being.

    - Partners Research Cores

      Research core facilities at Partners HealthCare bring state-of-the-art
      instrumentation, methodologies and expertise crucial to the promotion of
      research on our campuses and beyond. There are over eighty cores
      established to share their expertise, facilities and equipment in order to
      efficiently use resources, promote collaboration, and further enhance the
      competitiveness of Partners investigators to secure research funding.

    - Partners Human Research Committee

      The Partners Human Research Committee (PHRC) is the Institutional
      Review Board (IRB) of Partners HealthCare. The PHRC reviews all
      human-subject research conducted by an investigator.

    - Partners Human Research Quality Improvement Program

      The Partners Human Research Quality Improvement (QI) Program is
      committed to providing on-going support and education to the research
      community. The office works closely with investigators to ensure optimal
      conduct of human research within the framework of federal regulations,
      institutional policies, and good clinical practice.

    - Partners Innovation

      Partners HealthCare Innovation works directly with researchers at various
      Partners Institutions to commercialize their innovations. It is Partners
      Innovation's mission to enable commercialization through the best route
      for a given technology, and ensure that technologies can benefit patients.

    - Partners Research Information Science and Computing (RISC)

      Partners Research Information Science and Computing (RISC) support
      research by providing scientific services and technology, a centralized
      clinical data registry, genomics IT, specimen banking, and administrative
      systems. These specialized applications, processes and resources
      support basic, biomedical and clinical research missions across
      the academic medical centers of Partners HealthCare.

    - Partners Research Navigator

      Research Navigator contains resources to guide Partners employees
      through the research administrative process.

    - MGH Research Intranet

      The MGH Research Intranet brings together many resources that can help
      investigators, including grant funding information, award forms and
      resources, research policies and procedures, and links to external

    - PhD Steering Committee

      The PhD Steering Committee is a small group of self-identified MGH-based
      faculty who share a common interest in enhancing the research
      environment on our campus with a particular focus on issues unique to
      people with basic science training working within a clinical department
      structure. For more information about this group, please contact
      Wilma M. Wasco, PhD or Samuel D. Rabkin, PhD.

    - Research Ally

      Research Ally is a service to help you take part in research going on at
      Partners HealthCare.

    - Research Space Management Group

      The Research Space Management Group fosters an equitable and
      cost-effective use of research space and resources through data collection,
      unbiased analysis, and efficient project management while maintaining
      MGH and government policies.

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