GSD Announcements
2016 July 22

The Graduate Student Division (GSD) within the Office for Research Career Development,
a branch of the Center for Faculty Development, was created to foster a graduate student community and to serve the practical needs of graduate students
from all academic institutions who are associated with basic and clinical research at MGH.


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1. "FALL KICK-OFF" Graduate Student Back to School Ice Cream Social on Sep 8 -

To celebrate the beginning of the new 2016-2017 Academic Year the MGH Graduate Student Division would like to invite you to a "FALL KICK-OFF" Graduate Student Back to School Ice Cream Social.

We invite all MGH Graduate students to join us for some ice cream and networking!

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2016
Time: 2:00 to 3:00 pm
Location: MGH Main Campus, details provided upon registration

Please click here to register by Fri, Sep 2.


1. Are you interested in professional coaching for your CV/Resume?-

If you are interested in professional advice for your CV/Resume to help you in your future career, the MGH Graduate Student Division is offering limited individual advising sessions for graduate students. Reserve your 30-minute session with Lauren Celano, MBA, Founder and CEO, Propel Careers TODAY!

You will receive advice on the topics such as:
    •  Building an academia and/or industry focused resume and cover letter.
    •  Highlighting transferable skills.
    •  Focusing the content and structure.

There are a few available sessions in August. Please click here to register. Please note these consults are at a significant cost to MGH, please check your calendar and be sure that you are available during this time, and can arrive promptly at the Bulfinch Building for your appointment. If you are interested in more dates in the future please email to express your interest.

2. Do You Need Help Identifying Funding Opportunities?-

If yes - Make an appointment to meet with Amy Robb, Assistant Director for Prospect Research and Funding Opportunities, Corporate & Foundation Relations, MGH Development Office, to set up personalized funding searches. Amy can meet with individuals or small groups who share funding goals. There is availability in August.

This consultation will help you:
    •  Set up search parameters designed to identify funding sources for
        your research program.
    •  Receive a weekly report of updated search results.
    •  Gain a greater understanding of how to use COS Pivot to conduct
        additional searches on your own.

Please click here to register. If you cannot attend a meeting on a Monday, please email to express your interest in meeting with Amy on another day of the week.

3. CALL FOR SUBMISSION: "GSD Select" - Paper of the Month Contest-
    Presented by the MGH Graduate Student Division

Have you published a paper with your MGH mentor recently (academic year 2015-2016)? If so, send us the reference and we will showcase it here at MGH as one of the papers of the month.

All papers of the month will be entered into the “paper of the year” contest with a chance to win a $250 prize!

Click here to submit your abstract.

3. Are you still a PhD student at MGH?-

As we look to ensure the accuracy of our mailing list please click here if you are no longer a PhD graduate student at MGH.