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MGH Graduate Student Division (GSD) Principal Investigator Mentoring Award

Sponsored by the Graduate Student Division

2019 WINNER!!

Dr. Alex Soukas
Alex Soukas, MD, PhD,
The Weissman Family MGH Research Scholar 2018-2023, Physician Investigator, MGH Center for Genomic Medicine,
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

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Nomination deadline

Nominations for the 2019 GSD Principal Investigator Mentoring Award are now closed.

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The MGH Graduate Student Division aims to recognize outstanding achievements in PhD graduate student mentoring. This award seeks to recognize MGH Principal Investigators who mentored PhD graduate student(s)in their lab, who historically have had more than one PhD graduate student, and who have demonstrated outstanding contribution in helping PhD graduate students to advance their skills and provide support with scholarly activities. The award is used for PhD graduate student development and to celebrate their lab and its accomplishments.

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List of GSD PI Mentoring Award Recipients

2018 MGH GSD Principal Investigator (PI) Mentoring Award
Dr. Raul Mostoslavsky Raul Mostoslavsky, MD, PhD,
The Laurel Schwartz Associate Professor of Oncology MGH Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School Kristine and Bob Higgins MGH Research Scholar, The Broad Institute.

2017 MGH GSD Principal Investigator (PI) Mentoring Award
Dr. Mikael Pittet Mikael Pittet, PhD,
The Samana Cay MGH Research Scholar, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, and Director, Cancer Immunology Program, MGH Center for Systems Biology.

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