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MGH New Faculty Orientation:
Faculty Resource Guide

The Faculty Resource Guide was created to provide general information and to orient new faculty to the Massachusetts General Hospital. Please note that the information in this guide may not be complete and there may be oversights or publishing errors. The information in this guide is updated annually in October for the MGH New Faculty Orientation.

2016 Faculty Resource Guide

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Section 1: Center for Faculty Development: How We Can Help You
Section 2: Overview/Structure: About the Organization
Section 3: Faculty Resources: For Professional Growth
Section 4: Faculty Resources: For Personal Growth

Center for Faculty Development: How We Can Help You

A. Our Offices
B. Programming
C. Career Advice
D. Initiatives
E. Collaborations
F. Communication: Stay Informed

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Overview/Structure: About the Organization

A. Massachusetts General Hospital
B. Massachusetts General Physicians Organization
C. Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute
D. Partners HealthCare
E. Organizational Charts
F. Governance
G. Bylaws

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Faculty Resources: For Professional Growth

A. Academic Promotions
B. Animal Research
C. MGH Biostatistics Center
D. Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)
E. Funding Opportunities
F. Harvard Catalyst/The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center
G. Harvard Medical School (HMS)
H. Isuggest
I. MGH Research Help and How-To
J. MGH Research Intranet
K. MGH Safety
L. MGH Research Safety Training
M. MGPO Online
N. Partners HealthCare Office of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
O. Partners Innovation
P. Partners Institutional Biosafety Committee (PIBC)
Q. Partners Institutional Review Board (IRB)
R. Partners Research Management Training
S. Research Computing
T. Research Core Facilities
U. Space Management
V. SPIN Search (InfoEd)
W. Treadwell Library

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Faculty Resources: For Personal Growth

A. Professional Staff Benefits Office at MGH/MGPO
B. Child Care
C. Partners Employee Assistance Program
D. Miscellaneous

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