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MGH Faculty Mentoring Program

Sponsored by the Center for Faculty Development

The mission of the MGH Faculty Mentoring Program is to provide an enriching mentoring program for all MGH faculty, including but not limited to clinicians and researchers by strengthening faculty development and satisfaction by establishing relationships, fostering camaraderie, encouraging advocacy and creating new opportunities and communication channels.

The CFD initiated its Faculty Mentoring Program in 2008. More than 120 faculty members have completed the program to date.

Mentoring Overview

If you or your department is interested in the MGH Mentoring Program, please email

Posters presented at the AAMC Group on Faculty Affairs Professional Development Conference
In 2010: "Conducting a faculty mentoring program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)."
In 2011: "Piloting a faculty mentoring program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)."

Publications of the MGH Mentoring Program:
Nagarur A, O'Neill RM, Lawton D, Greenwald JL. Supporting Faculty Development in Hospital Medicine: Design and Implementation of a Personalized Structured Mentoring Program. J Hosp Med. 2018 Feb 1;13(2):96-99. Epub 2017 Oct 4. -- Click here to read full article.

Efstathiou JA, Drumm MR, Paly JP, Lawton DM, O’Neill RM, Niemierko A, Leffert LR, Loeffler JS, Shih H. Long-term impact of a faculty mentoring program in academic medicine. PLoS ONE 13(11):e0207634. Click here to read full article.

Mentoring Goals

  • Encourage faculty reflection and foster increased awareness of career and
    personal goals.
  • Expand network of colleagues by establishing professional and personal relationships.
  • Create relationship(s) where pertinent information and feedback is encouraged.
  • Promote a supportive environment that will foster a sense of connectedness
    and community.


  • Participants engaged in self-reflection and can articulate a clearer career and personal vision.
  • Participant can readily identify one or more newly established contacts.
  • Participant interprets advice to be useful and actionable.
  • Participant feels more connected to own department/institution/other faculty members.


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What Is It? Executive Summary
Mentoring Toolkit Timeline


* The CFD would like to acknowledge Regina M. O'Neill, PhD, Professor of Management at Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School in Boston and founder and principal in Cavendish Group, for her efforts, experience and influence in creating the MGH Faculty Mentoring Program.

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