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Annual Career Conference (ACC)

ACC is an opportunity for all faculty

The Center for Gender in Organizations Consulting Project recommends that female faculty members participate in an ACC. In early 2006, Peter Slavin, MD, MGH president, and David Torchiana, MD, MGPO chairman and chief executive officer, took that recommendation one step further. They asked the Center for Faculty Development (CFD) to lead an initiative to implement an ACC for all faculty members Ė men and women, clinicians and researchers.

This means that a faculty member and his or her leader (chief, division chief, lab director or principal investigator) will meet once per year to discuss that faculty member's career development. The CFD Faculty Council developed a standard form for all faculty members. Departments may use an alternate form provided it is approved by the council.

While many departments have been completing career conferences informally, this initiative helps to standardize the process for everyone. Preparation is the key to a successful meeting.

Before the meeting, the leader should:

  • Recognize his or her role in helping faculty advance
  • Consider the departmentís overall goals and determine how the faculty member fits with these goals
  • Define expectations of the faculty member
  • Be familiar with HMS promotion criteria and where each faculty member sits
  • Request faculty prepare for ACC
  • Promote resources available to faculty
Before the meeting, the faculty member should:

  • Be prepared to discuss accomplishments
  • Update his or her CV. Visit our CV Toolbox page
  • Think about developing mentoring relationships
  • Clarify your contributions and the leaderís expectations.
  • Develop an action plan that improves productivity.
  • Discuss how your skills align with your departmentís mission, as you become a more experienced researcher, clinical or teacher.

ACC Communication -

Message from Dr. Slavin and Dr. Torchiana - May 9, 2008

ACC Form -

Standard ACC Form as pdf
Standard ACC Form as fillable pdf
Standard ACC Form as Word
Please note that some departments are using an approved alternate form. See your Department Chair for a copy of this form.

Resources for Faculty -

- Quick tips for faculty to prepare for your ACC
- HMS Promotion Criteria
   - Promotion Information Summary
- HMS CV Format
- Tips for faculty for ACC - voice over presentation

Resources for Leaders -

Having an Effective ACC

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