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AAMC/Association of American Medical Colleges

AAMC/Association of American Medical Colleges

The Association of American Medical Colleges is a nonprofit association of medical schools, teaching hospitals, and academic societies. The AAMC seeks to improve the nation's health by enhancing the effectiveness of academic medicine.

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Monthly Journal of the AAMC

AAMC Data Reports - Medical School Profile System

The Medical School Profile System (MSPS) is a database and reporting system designed to enable users to view and create benchmarking reports, access surveys, and download data at their convenience. The data available on MSPS are derived from AAMC and LCME Annual Medical School Questionnaires that are completed by each medical school. For example:
Annual Reports
Download prepared annual reports, tables, and graphs in PDF format. These reports are annually produced by AAMC staff; the data featured in these reports are static and the formats of the reports typically do not change from year to year.
Popular Reports
Customize and create tables and graphs from pre-designed report templates. These templates represent commonly requested special reports and are arranged by source and by category for your convenience. While the data elements included in these reports are unchangeable, users can alter the years, cohorts, and percentile distributions to make the reports unique.
Build Reports
Choose from hundreds of data elements to build your own reports and graphs. With Build Reports, users have the flexibility to customize the data elements included in each generated report. This is the most flexible and versatile way to create reports in MSPS.
AAMC Faculty Salary Survey Reports
The Faculty Salary Survey (FSS) Reports enables users to view data on medical school faculty compensation. Analyses of compensation are available by department, rank, degree, region, and ownership. The source of the data is the annual AAMC Faculty Salary Survey. A copy of this publication is available at the CFD office on Bulfinch 370 for review or to make copies. The book is not available in the lending library.

Faculty Vitae

Faculty Vitae is an online magazine containing news and professional development opportunities for academic medical faculty. It is available to anyone interested in faculty development and leadership. Faculty Vitae is intended to share faculty development resources, programs, and initiatives; spotlight faculty and leaders in academic medicine; and share information about the AAMC's faculty development and leadership programs and resources.




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